Quality LED Bulbs and Fixtures

There are many levels of LED bulbs and fixtures. Most of us think of LEDs as just another light. However, that is not the case at all. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a smart light that contains many parts similar to that of most electronic devices on the market today. In fact, without LEDs, products such as flat screen TVs, smart phones, laptops, and Ipads would not be possible. LED is made up of three major components: shell, diode, and driver. Quality LEDs consist of high quality components and parts. If any one of the 3 is not of quality, the bulb or fixture will not be consider a quality LED.

Over 90% of the LEDs on the market are considered by the industry to be subpar but even so, they are still much better than traditional lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent.

Diode: Chip/source that emits light when a charge is applied. There are many brands of diode. Quality diodes will give you higher lumens output per watt, making the light more efficient.